Moon over Middletown

By: gotbob

Dec 24 2007

Category: CamPhone


Moon over Middletown, originally uploaded by gotbob.

OK so this is not from my cell phone but I must say…the tripod and digital zoom worked well tonight.

7 comments on “Moon over Middletown”

  1. cheater!

  2. Looks good on black background, Jealous One, doesn’t it?

  3. wow!!! that’s pretty amazing! Rick is by the pool howling at the moon right now.

  4. kudos, that’s an amazing shot.

    i actually grabbed the video camera and shot some twilight footage overlooking the sf skyline tonight, but i don’t have the cables to see how it actually turned out. i hope some of it turns out half as good this.

  5. Ok Bob I am humbled by your talent! And glad I got to see the moon here it’s cloudy in Cleveland

  6. LOL…I changed the time settings now they are all out of whack.

    Ines, I have a feeling Rick would howl at the moon without it! Thanks for driving traffic to this shot.

    Carole, Thank you…I wish we had snow.

    Andy, Thank you. Please share the vid when you get it downloaded!

  7. Bob – love this shot – would love to know what kind of tripod and camera you use – wanting to take more night shots – your photo is amazing!!!

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