Finished with Halushki

By: gotbob

Feb 17 2008

Category: CamPhone


Finished with Halushki, originally uploaded by gotbob.

Add some more butta and some butter noodles…wah lah. We have clogged arteries. 🙂

Bob Carney
c: 240-285-4918
o: 301-831-7500

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5 comments on “Finished with Halushki”

  1. mmmmmmm what time is grub?

  2. Race time today Carole!!!

  3. Hey, I came for the haluski. I love the stuff!

  4. OK here’s my ultra top secret Pittsburgh Recipe for Haluski

    Half a head of cabbage
    1 sweet onion (large)
    Half tbspn pepper
    2 Tbspn paprika
    2 tbspn season salt
    1 lb wide egg noodles

    Coarsely chop cabbage
    Thin slice onions
    Sauté in lg skillet and season with the above in butta (I do this until cabbage is soft) Boil egg noodles Mix noodles in skillet when done and serve.

    I start with those measurements but season to taste. Just enough butter to coat everything.

    You can add kielbasa for more hearty meal.

  5. bob,
    this looks delish!

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